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Sacrifice – noun/verb

“an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy”

Being that today is Memorial Day in the USA, I think it is important to look at this word sacrifice. Now many of us have not been on the front line fighting for a cause as great as our ancestors or current family members … But we all sacrifice something each day.

I also think we should look at the sacrifices others have given for us so we can pursue our life and dreams-

  • the parent who worked 2 jobs so you could attend a better school

  • the partner or spouse who stood by you and encouraged you even though there was a huge financial burden

  • the children who allow us to take calls and appointments on evenings, weekends and sometimes even at their events

  • the mentor that took a chance on us and pushed us, taking time away from their own work

Take a moment to think about who has made a sacrifice for you……

And now I ask you – are you letting that sacrifice go to waste? Are you sitting back and not playing full on with the gift of their sacrifice? Are you chasing your dream and taking the opportunities they have given you the permission and support to go after?

This week think about the sacrifices others have made for you and also ask what you are willing to sacrifice to make your mark.

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