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On Your Mark, Get Set . . .

I ran track in high school and before a race began, the starter would call out “on your mark, get set, go…”

I always remember the excitement to get ready, and the fear at ‘go’ – knowing I had to perform and wondering if all my preparation would get me to the win I aimed for.

In life and business, we live these three phrases daily –

We get on the mark by planning our week,

We get set as the day starts,

And then we….well this is where the trouble sometimes comes in. Often times we simply don’t ‘GO”. We do all the preparation and fail at the action and execution.

Maybe it’s due to fear or maybe we get off track. Regardless – without GO we simple can’t get to the finish line. Plain and simple.

You don’t need to win the race, but you do need to cross that finish line.

This week, yes get on your mark, and yes get set….and don’t forget to GO.

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