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LGIM: Pit Stop

In a car race in order to secure a win, the driver must make a pit stop. Regardless of how skilled the driver is or how well tuned the car is…without regular pit stops the win cannot happen.

Will the pit stop require the driver to pull off the course – yes

Will the driver lose a little time – yes

Is it necessary to win – absolutely!

With the pit stop the driver gets a little break and the car gets tuned and checked to make sure it can go back in the race operating at its peak performance level. This is how the race is won…with scheduled pit stops.

Are you taking pit stops? Like a car racer, you too need scheduled breaks to both retune yourself and your body. It allows for rest and reconnection with your creativity and gets you ready to come back in the race at your peak level, allowing you to hit your targets.

For some reason though, we feel guilty about taking breaks; we worry something with fall apart or that we will lose momentum. We worry others will pass us by or a ‘sale’ will be lost. When this happens, remember the driver… in order to win the race they must pull off the track from time to time.

So this week, be in the race, but also check your engine and dashboard to see if you need a pit stop…and if you do, take one. It will only pull you off the track for a small moment - and you will come back charged and ready to win!

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