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LGIM: Happy Sailing

When I was younger I owned a sail boat. I loved it! On the weekends we would spend hours on the ocean in the sun…. it was heaven.

As much fun as it was, the one thing that was always a challenge was when the wind changed or simply just stopped. We could be moving along and then BAM….nothing. We would just sit there and float. We had 2 choices, wait and see if the wind would pick up, or change our sail's direction and work to catch the wind and get back to having fun.

How many times in life and business do we lose our wind? Times when we are moving along and things are falling into place and then out of (seemingly) nowhere, it stops. We stop. Our ‘wind’ is gone and we are standing still.

Just like on the boat – you also have two choices: wait and hope for a change, or take action - move your sail to catch new wind.

How is your ‘wind’ this week? Are you moving forward and catching a good ride, or are you just floating?

This week – adjust your sail and catch the wind you need to move forward.

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