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LGIM: The Redwood Tree

Growing up in California, I had the pleasure of seeing many of the great redwoods. In fact, I had 3 in my back yard. When you look at them, they are so majestic and can grow tall and solid – in fact, there are many that have trunks so large that it take 3-4 people, hand to hand, to simply work together to get their arms around one trunk. It can be quite breathtaking.

When you look at the trees, some reaching over 350 feet tall, it is hard to believe that the roots are often only about 10 feet deep into the soil. The roots do not need to grow deep because they are conditioned to grow outward in search of other roots where they can connect and intertwine, allowing them to build strength together and hold each other up.

Like the redwoods, we need others to help us grow strong and create a solid foundation. We need to search out those that we can connect with and who will help us stand tall so that we do not falter – even in the toughest of times and conditions.

This week, think about who is helping you stand tall. Thank them and keep them close. The mighty redwoods cannot stand on their own, and neither can we

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