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Shed Your Skin

The snake is a very interesting creature. Many are not fond of them, but regardless they are fascinating.

One thing about the snake that intrigues me is their ability to grow and shed their skin. For a snake this is not only important, but necessary to survive. Several times a year, the snake must go through this process. It can take days, it can be uncomfortable and I am sure a bit annoying ( ok no snake has ever told me this personally…but I imagine it to be so). Yet if it doesn’t do this, it will die.

We also go through this process, however in a different way. Our personal growth and development is much like the snake. In order to expand who we are and become more we must grow past our comfort zone, our ‘skin’. This process can be scary, painful, annoying and also take time. Growth isn’t always fun. Yes, like the snake…if we do not break through we cannot grow.

This week think about how you need to grow. Don’t be afraid of the pain or the discomfort but rather the light you will gain after the process. Know that the growth is good for you. This week shed your skin and grow.

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