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Apple Picking

If you go to an apple orchard to pick fresh apples, you are looking for the best, tastiest and juiciest apples. To you the value is in the quality of the fruit. To the apple farmer, however, the value is not in the fruit but rather in the roots. The farmer knows that without strong and solid roots, there will be no apples.

Often we think the value of our life or business is the ‘fruit’ – the current deal, client, relationship, weight loss, etc., but we forget to really focus on the ‘roots’ of our life and business. The fruit, although tasty, is the result of having a strong foundation and without that foundation no results can be possible or sustainable.

This week focus on your roots – what foundation do you need to have to make sure you get the results and also can sustain them for a long time to come. Your foundation will yield your fruit to enjoy.

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