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I Don't Wanna....

We hear it all the time from our kids and others around us…

I don’t wanna eat this

I don’t wanna do this

I don’t wanna go there……

It’s a world of I don’t wanna. We need to also ask ourselves, what are we saying?

I don’t wanna make those calls

I don’t wanna exercise

I don’t wanna pull those reports

Its ok to not want to do something, it is normal. But what we focus on expands –do you want more of the “ I don’t wanna’s”? This week lets change our language to what we DO want to focus on. Let’s focus on what we want:

I want success

I want to be in control of my time

I want to be healthy and fit

If we only focus on what we don’t want, all we will get is more of the same. Yes to get what we want will be work and we will have to do things we don’t want to do….but isn’t it worth it? Isn’t it worth doing some of those things to create the life, the relationships and the success we truly want?

This week – change your language. Focus on what you want and it will come to you. Not only will you start to achieve more, you will also feel better and have positive energy surrounding you… and just maybe be an inspiration to others!

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