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the 7 Wonders of Life

I heard a story last week of high school students that were learning about the 7 wonders of the World. At the end of the lesson, the students were asked to recap what they believed the list should list include – they made their list:

The pyramids in Egypt

The Great Wall of China

The Grand Canyon

The Taj Mahal

The Panama Canal

The Empire State Building

St Peters Basilica

After the class shared their comments, the teacher noticed that one student had not turned in her list and seemed to be struggling. The teacher asked the girl if she was having trouble and she replied “yes a little. I am having trouble choosing because there are so many.” He then asked her to share her list so that the class could help her…here was her list:

To touch

To taste

To see

To hear

To feel

To laugh

And to love

After hearing the list, the rest of the class went silent.

Let this story serve as a reminder of all the good that is in our lives. Many of us live with these wonders each and every day and take them for granted. Life is a wonder – start living it that way.

This week be grateful for your wonders – experience and embrace them daily.

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