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Dont' dip your toes in...Just Dive

Is the water warm or is it cold?

Some people walk up to the edge of the pool on a warm day and wonder how cold the water might be. Rather than diving in and starting the experience, they will dip a toe in and evaluate the temperature first. If it seems cold, they might slowly immerse themselves - first a foot, then an ankle and so on until they are in, and generally shivering.

Others just jump right in. They know the water may be cold, but they are not concerned with the temperature – they are just ready to swim. Jumping in shortens the period of apprehension and discomfort. And the longer you wait – the more apprehension grows.

We do this in life and work. We avoid doing things that are uncomfortable and all that does is prolong the discomfort and bring unneeded anxiety. Sometimes the things that need to get done are uncomfortable for us, but once they are done they are done and we always feel much better and more accomplished.

This week don’t test the water – just dive in. Stop avoiding or prolonging those activities and needs that are uncomfortable. Yes it may not feel great at first, but why wait. Get in and just go. Don’t make the experience more uncomfortable than it needs to be.

This week just Dive in and Enjoy!

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