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Trust your GPS

Most of the times when I get into the car to drive I know where I am going, but there are other times I do not. It is in these times that I refer ( and count on) my maps and my GPS. It can be unclear and it can be confusing to go someplace I am unfamiliar with – but I know I will get there if I follow the plan I laid out.

The same is true in life – sometimes we are very clear on where we are going, and other times not so much. We have to allow others ( and sometimes just faith) to direct us – knowing and believing we are going in the right direction. You see – you don’t always have to know how you are going to get there… you just have to know where you want to go and the plan will arise for you. Yes it can be confusing and scary – but it is only that until you start because once you start the clarity begins and gets more clear with each passing moment.

Many of us use this time of year to plan for next year – at times we know exactly what we want, and other times we have questions. Don’t let the questions and uncertainness of tomorrow halt your progress – just get a direction and allow the rest to come together.

This week allow yourself to trust - allow yourself to begin the journey. Know where you wish to end up, and have faith that your GPS ( your friends, mentors, faith, etc.) will help guide you.

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