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Start Swimming

I read a quote this weekend : “if your ship isn’t coming in swim out to it”

I love it!

So often we dream about the life and success we want .... and then we wait. We wait for the right time, people to help us or perhaps the clients to come around. Sometimes they do... by most often that right time or moment is something we need to go and grab.

Being patient is important - we want to prepare so we are ready. However we don't want to be too patient that we don't take chances and miss an opportunity.

Making things happen is not about being aggressive, but more about being open to opportunity. There are wonderful things out there for us - and sometimes they are right in front of us. We just have to be open and receptive and yes sometimes take the first step

So this week think about what you want, how do you need to prepare and also what can you do to make it all happen? Then go for it!

This week get ready - you may need to do some swimming.

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