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Wait for it....

Something that I struggle with is patience. When I have a new task or goal I get excited and I want the results NOW! I don’t want to wait. I want to enjoy the glory that is at the end of my journey.

But the reality is – I must be patient.

The Results only come in time and after work and dedication.

Patience is something that all great people have learned:

Inventors have failed many times and only discovered their ‘magic’ with the patience to persevere.

Animals who hunt must be patient in waiting for the right time in order to eat.

Having a solid and healthy relationship only comes with time and patience with each other.

Patience is key in all success. Yes It may be hard and annoying – but without it we can’t have what we truly desire.

So this week – dig deep, take a breath and practice patience…. Your dreams and goals are worth the wait.

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