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Take your Temperature

You have probably heard the concept of 212 degrees – that at 211 degrees water is water, but when it hits 212, it transforms to steam. It is with this transformation that water has the ability to do great things such as power a steam engine.

But what about us? What could we accomplish if we push ourselves just one extra degree – how could we transform and what level of greatness would we have?

What could that 1 extra degree mean for you?

Could it be one extra sales call?

A handwritten note?

Getting up earlier than normal to work out?

Being present in a conversation?

Listening to a podcast or reading a book instead of watching TV?

What could that 1 degree be for you? And more importantly – what could you transform into and become?

1 degree isn’t much. But over time it can add up to amazing things and change you into the person you know you can become – not only for yourself, but also for those around you.

This week take your temperature and be inspired to give that extra 1 degree. One little degree is all it takes. And who knows you may find that like water – you can power some pretty amazing things as well.

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