Where are you Planted?

The world is an amazing place. We have different regions where certain plants thrive – they have the perfect environment to create beauty and greatness.

Some areas produce the best grapes for wines, beans for coffee, others have lush and beautiful flowers and forests. They are each unique and perfect for what they need to create.

The secret – they have the right environment.

All of these things could not grow and thrive without the needed and perfect environment.

People are the same. We need the right environment for our growth and success. We need nutrients in the people we surround ourselves with, beauty in our work space and support in what we learn and focus on daily. Our success is directly related to our environment.

This week, take a look around and ask - are you planted in the right environment? Is your environment helping you grow into your best version of you? Does it support you in achieving your goals? And is it helping you now only survive, but more importantly thrive? Make the needed changes to feed and nurture your environment…. Because like the plant, the right environment allows for the greatest of product.

~ Coach Clara

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