LGIM: Gazuntite

Did you know that you are contagious? Yep you are – we all are. And what we are spreading around is our attitude.

Comedian Jim Carrey said – ‘the greatest impact you have on someone is the attitude you pass to them when you are with them’

How we choose to show up each day is hugely impactful on others and it can spread at a rapid and compounding state.

So how are you showing up?

With a smile

With a feeling of gratitude

With a sense of pride and purpose

With an intent to serve

We all are contagious and we all have the power to heal simply by the attitude we choose to bring to every interaction.

So this week, don’t just focus on you, but also focus on those around you and how you can effect ( and possibly change) their day. This week be contagious and spread a positive and meaningful attitude with the world

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