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There was a man and his dog sitting on a porch. Every few minutes the dog would let out a low moan. This went on for a while. A friend came by and asked the man “what’s wrong with your dog? Why is he moaning like that?’

“well, said the owner, he is laying on a nail.”

“why doesn’t he just move?” asked the onlooker

“because it doesn’t hurt him enough to move.”

I love this story because many of us do the same thing. We have pain, but it is not quite enough to make us move. We stay in a situation, dealing with the discomfort because the idea and effort to move is greater than the actual pain we are enduring. The situation hurts…but not enough.

The problem is this…. if we don’t move, we can never change and improve our situation. Yes change is uncomfortable and yes its not ‘that bad’ where we are…but it is also not that good!

This week – get off your nail! Take a chance to change. Move through the discomfort and toward a better situation. Even though the pain isn’t terrible right now…. The beauty of something new will show you it was all worth it!

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