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Off to the Races

Race Horses are amazing. In fact several of the most famous ones won when others just about gave up hope on them.

The horse would run the race lagging behind. But then, as the race neared its end, that horse appeared to get a 'second wind' and would began to gallop ferociously. It would pass all the other horses and win the race.

Sometimes we are like that horse. We run our days simply galloping at a safe pace - not letting our full potential out. Well guys - today is the day! Get your second wind and let yourself go full out.

You have greatness in you! Sometimes we hold back. Sometimes we begin to even give up on ourselves and achieving our goals. The race is not over - you have fight and energy still in you.

This week, dig deep and find your fire. Be like the racehorse and gallop full out.

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