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Who is Better????

In nature there are many different types of trees. Who is to say one is better than another?

Who gets to say that the bamboo is more beautiful than the maple tree or maple tree is more valuable than the bamboo because it gives out maple syrup?

And then, does the bamboo feel jealous of the maple tree because it is bigger and its leaves change color?

The idea of trees comparing themselves to others is silly - they both have value and both bring their own purpose and beauty.

Like trees in nature, it is just as ridiculous for humans to compare themselves to one another. Yet we do! We judge ourself by others and often feel guilt and sadness based on how we feel we compare to those around us. It is stressful and often defeating to our growth and success.

We must learn to compare our growth to who we were yesterday not to the growth of another. Everyone is incomparably unique, great and beautiful.

This week love your uniqueness. Value another for theirs. Stop playing the comparison game and be happy with the value you and those around you bring.

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