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I heard a story of a young girl who was afraid to go away to college. She was from a small town and the idea of living far from her home, her family and what she knew terrified her.

Day one was quickly approaching and she was busy getting her books and walking the grounds. She knew she to at least get through her first day - that was the promise she made to her parents

She came into the quad but the college book store and it was flooded with people. She could feel her anxiety level rise. There was a man who was in the middle of the quad selling lollipops - he saw her and smiled. He then called out

“Who here would be so lucky as to by this beautiful young lady a lollipop ?”

She wanted to hide and run away

Then she heard

“I will” from a boy in the other side of the man

“No let me” said another

And soon he budding began. Everyone was laughing, even her. In a moment her fears went away and she felt a calm and sense of belonging come over her. She knew it was going to be ok, and she had a new community here with her

It’s funny how one lollipop can change your perspective. We all have had that moment - a time where someone believed in us or took us in to make us feel strong and safe. What was your lollipop moment?

This week, remember your moment and also strive to be that person to another. We have the ability to change lives and make others strong

Who can you give a lollipop to this week?

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