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High Octane

When you get a new car the dealer encourages you to fill it with a high octane gasoline. The higher octane helps with performance - you want the best performance, feed your car the best options for fuel

What about you? What are you filling yourself up with?

Like a car, we perform at our best when we “feed” ourselves with the highest quality of fuel. And i am not meaning food - we fill ourselves with the information we surround ourselves with... news, books, conversations and interactions. You become what you fill yourself with

Here are some tips :

Protect your mind first and last thing in the day; your brain is most susceptible to thoughts in the first and last 20

Minutes of your day

In the car listen to podcasts or audio books to feed your creativity and productivity

Cut out negativity - don’t listen to it or engage in it

Practice gratitude daily

Take time for ramdon acts of kindness daily

Laugh often and make time to “play”

This week, pay attention to how you are filling your tank? Take care to set yourself up for peak performance and give your best every day

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