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Focus on the Game

While listening to a podcast this week, i heard something that stuck with me. The speaker said that when we set goals make sure to measure the game, not the gap.

What he was talking about was that we often look at all the things we don't accomplish and lose sight of some of the really good things that we have achieved.

Most of us set big goals; we want to achieve great things and therefor have to think big, set big and go big. And when you do this - you don't always achieve 100% of the goal...but you do get a lot further than where you started And at the end of the day - that counts!

So by measuring the 'game' we can focus on how far we have come; maybe we have hit 75%, 80% or 90% of the goal...and that is still something to admire because if we didn't have a goal at all, we would not have even come this far.

This week - focus on the Game. Yes do your best to live BIG and go for your goals, yet if you don't hit 100% try to focus on the Wins you do have - after all what you focus on expands.

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