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Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker and decide to quit smoking but you still hang out with other smokers you really haven’t quit because you’re not getting the full benefits. You still are surrounded by smoke.

The same goes for us with growth and success. We personally can decide that we want to change a habits or a discipline and even take the steps to move in a direction toward success. but if the people we surround ourselves, if the things that we listen to and the environment we surround ourselves with is one of scarcity and lacks abundance.... we really are not going to be able to grow and change.

We become what we surround ourselves with and if we are staying in around negativity we cannot change the dynamic or the results.

If you really want change, if you really want to achieve something BIG, you need to not only make the decision but also take a risk and commit to change the environment around you. Work to remove negativity and scarcity and create room for love, growth and abundance

This week don’t just 'stop smoking' but also clear the air all around you so you can breath in and be healthy!

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