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I'm Busy

There is a poem by Rabindranath Tagore:

Spring has gone, summer has past and winter is here

And the song i have been meant to sing remains unsung

for i have spent all my time stringing and un-stringing my instrument.

This is a poem about time passing and not living fully. The key to this poem is that sometimes we get stuck in the planning that we never get to take the action that will make change and will bring us our true greatness. We get so focused on what we need to do, how we are going to do it....but we never actually make the time to take action.

As a coach, I talk about planning and I do believe in the power of a plan - it gives us direction, purpose and allow us to live intentionally. However, a plan doesn't do anything unless we take action. We must act. Even if it is just one small step.... it is still action.

So this week, focus on progress, not perfection. Don't just think about what you want to accomplish, but rather make it happen. If that means you need to do less, to say No to some things...then do it.

Don't let your song go unsung for another season - plan your life, live your life.

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