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Re-Plant Yourself

One day a women went to buy some flowers for her front porch. She wanted something with color that would help brighten up her patio. At the nursery she saw many things, however there was one plant that really caught her eye. It was not because it was the biggest or the brightest, but it called to her.

The plant was not healthy, the color was faint and it was a little droopy. As she looked at it more she realized that it was full and starting to outgrow its pot. She had a feeling that if she could replant it the little plant may have a chance.

She took the plant home and replanted it into a larger pot. Almost immediately she saw a change. The once droopy plant began to stand tall. Color came back and within a week its roots were strong and the plant was thriving.

We can be like this plant... sometime we get constrained. We get stuck in our comfort zone or held back and are limited in our growth. We become complacent, lose energy and can start to lose passion.

This week take a look at where you are planted - is it allowing you to grow or holding you back? This week break the mold, break free from constraints and allow yourself to stand tall and grow into your greatness. Like our little plant, a new environment, a new routine or a simple 'shake up' can be just what you need to get your energy back and help you grow tall.

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