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Trust Your Feet

In yoga, one of the best ways to ensure a good practice is to watch and focus on your feet. Yes that's right, your feet. It is your feet that allow you to have a solid foundation. They keep you solid in your poses and also help to insure good posture. If you want a good practice, focus on your foundation.

The same is true in life, if we want a solid business or life, we have to have a solid foundation.

How is your's?

Some of the ways we can create a solid foundation are through:

having a weekly and daily plan. Know what you need to do, focus on and follow up on

surround yourself with an environment for success and growth

have people that will keep you grounded and focuses

work daily on the skills you need to help you become strong

This week, focus on your feet, the feet of your life and business. Make sure you have a solid foundation to not only support you, but also carry you into the success you have in front of you.

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