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What is Success?

What is success to you?

As a coach, I help people reach “success” in life and business ... but success is different for everyone.

In his TED talk, social-psychologist Shawn Achor talks about the correlation between happiness and success. For many we attach happiness with reaching a certain goal or achievement, like a sales target. The problem with this is that once we get there we are not happy... maybe for a moment, but all it leads to is is setting a higher bar... it becomes an endless cycle and we never really achieve happiness.

So many of us search for happiness and yet still we feel empty inside. Is it because we are not really looking for happiness but rather success?? And when we can't truly reach success, how can we become happy?

This week I challenge you to change you’re definition of success. Rather than it being on “getting a deal” or putting a sale together - focus first on happiness. Put your intentions on serving others, living with gratitude and being present.

For me, daily success is:

Did I show love to another?

Did I inspire someone?

Did I contribute positively to the world?

If i can say yes to these three things, it was a successful day. I no longer have to worry about business - as when i lead with these items, the rest just happens. And I am feeling more at peace, and yes....happier.

So I ask you again - what is success to you ?

Change your view of success and see if happiness is easier to achieve

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