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Most of us are familiar with the phrase - Rome wasn't built in a day. Yet we continue to think we need to have our lives, our work and expectations done all at once. We live with this impending thou that we have to get it all done NOW.

This is silly. And impossible.

I think that in stead of thinking about all we have to get done, we need to shift and focus on the right things that need to get done. We have to start accepting that it will never all get done - but if we change our focus to the right things, the energy and reality of what we complete will be more rewarding.

So this week, take a moment and shift your focus. Determine the right things that ne to get done, the items that will help move you closer to your goals and vision for your life. After all we are building your life and I think that deserves the focus and attention of more than just one day.

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