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Over Night Success

As I travel or even get ready for the day, I listen to a lot of podcasts. In fact one of my favorite ones are the biographies of famous people - stars, business owners , leaders. I love hearing from them because I can learn. I learn about their mistakes and messages and lessons

One of the things I hear over and over is the idea that success does not come come overnight.

None of them got fame and recognition immediately. It took (for most) years. And many of them only found fame at the moment they were ready to give up. There is NO overnight success.

As I hear them talking and sharing - the one thing they all say is that you can quit. You can’t give up. Even when the world is pushing you down, when rejection is surrounding you and when everyone around you tells you you're crazy - you have to dig deep and keep going.

How many times do you want to give up?

Life, business - its hard. Some days you just wonder "why" you are doing what you do and if it is all worth it. And then one day - one instant it can change and the dream is there.

This week - push hard. If you hit rejection, if you are tired, if you come across someone who doesn't believe in your dream - keep going.

To get the goal - you have to get up and fight for it every day.

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