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Brick by Brick

A great brick mansion starts with a vision and one brick. It takes time to complete. often others cannot see the masterpiece and the beauty and wonder why we are wasting our time. They cannon see the vision, the beauty... But the builder knows it is there - and even though they can’t see it, he/she still shows up daily with new bricks to add to the vision

We need to be like this in our lives and business. We have to start with a vision and show up daily to build it. Brick by brick.

Others may not see it, in fact there will be times we question and may not even see it.... but we keep believing and know we are working toward the vision.

This week keep building. Even if other question what you are doing. Keep laying your bricks and believing in what you are doing. Just because you can’t “see” the finished project today , know your masterpiece is unfolding in all you do.

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