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One of the places I would love to go as a kid was the carnival. I loved the rides ( even though highly unsafe), the lights, the energy and all the games!

There were so many different games to play - all of which offered the ability to WIN a prize. And I wanted those prizes...…

And the people who ran the carnival knew it too.…. In fact every thing they did was to draw us in and entice us to play those games.

The problem was that the games were very hard to win and often the prizes were not worth the cost one finally paid if they did win.

Many times in life, there are 'games' we want to play- some are good and others are not worth the promised pay off. They draw us in. they distract us. And often do not bring the desired fulfillment in the end.

Before you engage in an opportunity, take a moment to look at the full opportunity. Really pay attention to the "cost" of investing your time and energy to see if you are simply being enticed by the bright lights, or if this game is truly one worth playing.

Sometimes taking a pass and not engaging in the Carnival is the best option in the long run.

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