Danger Ahead

For many of us, we are getting ready for the New Year. We are looking at our goals and planning our strategies. As we get closer to the 'start" day for these plans, I find that something happens....

we start to talk to ourselves. We start to look a the goals and tell ourselves

How are we gonna make that happen

You cant reach that goal

Its gonna be hard

We begin to look at the difficulties in hit our goals and many times this leads us to pull back and play small as we enter the year.

We use the excuse that we are "playing it safe" or that we are being 'realistic'. but here's the thing.....

Playing it safe is dangerous. It keeps us small. It doesn't allow us to become the best version of ourselves. It keeps us from serving at the highest level and it robs us of our dreams.

You goals may be big. They may be crazy. And YES I will be hard.

It also will be worth it!

This week, Don't play small. Don't hold back. Push through and GO BIG. You were not put on this earth to be average.

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