Tie Your Shoes

Coach John Wooden of UCLA won many championships. One of the greatest tools he used for preparing his team started even before the games were played.

Day one of each season began with a lesson on tying shoes properly. Yep - tying shoes. Coach knew was that championships were not simply won on the court, but rather as a result of knowing and living in the core fundamentals.

Making sure the players were prepared ( and had shoes that fit and were ready to protect ) helped to insure his players had the mindset and habits of champions

What about you? How are your habits and mindset?

As we head into 2019 - what are the goals you have and more importantly what are the fundamentals you need to focus on each and every day

It may seem silly to start with tying your shoes, but the small details lay the foundation for big wins.

This week, get clear. Know what it will take to win and show up daily working those key fundamentals, no matter how small or silly they may sound

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