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What are you planting?

When you see a farm, the soil is fertile and is there to nurture the seeds that are planted. The soil doesn't really care what seeds are planted - it knows its job is to nourish the seeds to help them grow.

If corn is planted - it will nurture corn

if watermelon - it will nurture watermelon

and so forth.....

Whatever is planted, the soil with help it grow.

the same is true with our brains. The brain is designed to nurture and grow the thoughts we plant. Just like the soil and the seeds.

If we plant anger, it will nurture anger

If we plant negativity, it will grow negativity...

resentment, failure, fear...… you get the picture?

The point - if you do not want a crop of bad things, you better make sure you are planning seed of positivity, joy, abundance and kindness.

The soil with nurture the seeds,

Your brain will nurture your thoughts.

What are you planting????

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