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Success is in the Struggle

When teaching Ninja Selling, I share the story of the butterfly - how when a butterfly emerges, the transformation is hard. It is uncomfortable and it is messy. But they must do it in order to become who they are destined to be. And on top of this, if I was able to help the butterfly it would die; without the struggle the butterfly's wings will not become strong enough to allow it to fly.

The lesson in all of this - we must struggle to survive.

None of us like to struggle. Many of us try and avoid the struggle as much as possible. We ignore it, we push it away and many times even take an "easier" way out. We do whatever we can to avoid the pain, the fear and the discomfort.

But we can't

if we want to succeed in any goal - professional or personal - we have to struggle.

So this week if you meet discomfort, if you face something and want to run the other way, stop for a moment and allow it to come. This week don't fear the struggle, don't hide from it or try and avoid it, but rather embrace it and in fact hold gratitude for it - that struggle is actually just what you need in order to become the best version of you.

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