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Focus past the Fear

When a football player is running down the field ready to catch the ball, two thoughts can go through his mind...

1) I am going to catch this ball and make the play of the game! or 2) If I catch this ball, it will be followed by a body crushing slam to the ground that will take me days to recover.

a focus on option #1 - an amazing play on #2 - a missed catch and an incomplete play

We know that what you focus on expands. The challenge for many of us is that we focus on the fear of what could happen and therefore lose focus. We focus on the fear of:

losing the client getting beat up on our fees what if they reject me and more...

If we want to be successful and achieve our goals we have to focus past the fear. We have to focus on the moment and on the positive aspects that can follow. If we focus on the fear, all that will expand is more fear and a loss of focus on what we really want to accomplish.

This week lets focus on catching the ball and carrying it down the field. Let's focus on the good and abundance and not the fear of what could go wrong. This week, focus past your fears and allow yourself to win the week!

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