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Let go of the Bike Seat

Remember when you learned to ride a bike? It was so hard and scary. You had to learn to balance and know the right speed to pedal to keep it all together. One of the scariest parts for me was when my dad had to let go. I loved the safety and security in knowing he was holding onto my seat. Trusting that with him there I would not fall.

But at the same time I wanted the independence of riding that bike on my own and I would never get that unless he let go.

Isn’t life like that? We want safety and security AND the ability to fly on our own all at the same time.

This week trust. Believe in your path and believe you have what it takes. Yes it will be scary and you may even wobble a bit as you learn to balance it all. Trust you will get it.

This week learn to find safety in the letting go. In the end, all the good things are out there waiting for you and you will never reach your destination if you have another person holding onto your bike seat.

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