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Keep Tunneling

It is hard to build a tunnel through a mountain.

AND it has been done. It is not impossible

. It requires planning, engineering, a lot of hard work, and many other things, but once done, it can bring a lot of benefits easing travel or making travel possible whereas it was not possible before.

We all have mountains on the road between us and our goals. We may see those mountains as immovable and as an impossible situation, but with focus and work we can get break through and create that opening.

It is up to you. Are you willing to work hard and not give up? Are you willing to keep chipping away at the rocks each and every day?

This week keep chipping away at your mountains. Focus on the rewards and benefits when you are successful in breaking through to the other side. This week keep building that tunnel - it leads you to where you need to go.

~ Coach Clara

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