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Do you need CPR?

My friend and fellow Ninja, Erik Zimmerman shared that one of the keys to success is to do CPR - Consistency, Persistence and Resilience. So let's break it down:

Consistency - what are you doing on a regular basis to achieve success? You don't need ot do everything and in fact it is better to do a few things at a high level than many thing at a mediocre one. Look at what really works for you and also what you enjoy and DO THAT consistently.

Persistence - You CANNOT give up. This does not mean "bug' people, but it does mean to stay close and connected with them. I have so many clients who put together deals with people they started talking with years ago. The idea is this - just because someone does not need your services/products today - keep adding value to them because they may need you tomorrow.

Resilience - You need to adapt and if you fall, get back up. Life happens. Things change. You need to grow and adapt to things that are happening around you. Develop the mindset of a champion and believe in yourself and your value.

Success is simple, but it isn't always easy. This week give yourself ( and your business) a little CPR and bring life back into your world.

~ Coach Clara

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