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Many times, when we talk, our conversations are filled with “if” -

If only I did this...

If only I said that...

If only....

If only forces us to live in the past and often with regret. That doesn't serve us.

This week let’s try something different, lets focus on the future and the possibilities that face us. Let’s change the language from "if only" to "What If?"

What if I made my calls?

What if I followed my schedule?

What if I followed up with that client/customer?

What if I took some personal time?

What if allows us to dream. It allows us to see the beauty and greatness that is in front of us, and not spend our time looking in the past. The past is done - the future and today are what we have.

So today and this week - look at what you can create and control. In fact, start right now... What if you actually asked this question and did this exercise? Let's see what happens.

~ Coach Clara

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