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Catch a Wave

Laird Hamilton is a world-famous surfer of the BIG waves.... you know the ones that are HUGE and scary and that basically no one else will face.

How does he do it?

In an interview he commented that one of the keys to his success is commitment. When he is out in the ocean facing the wave, he needs to be 100% committed. If he hesitates or doubts for even a second, he will fail. He continued to state that even when he is committed, he still may fail - but at least he has a shot of success when he is truly committed.

What about you? Are you committed?

Each week as we face our own type of 'Big Wave" - something or someone challenging that can throw us off course or stop us from going forward. But when we are committed to facing those hurdles and obstacles, our chance for success increases. Failure will still happen - but you know you will fail 100% of the time if you don't try.... so why not go all in and give success a chance.

This week don't partially commit. Go all in. Be clear on what you need to do and why you are doing it. Simply commit to greatness. You never know -you may catch that wave and ride it all the way into shore.

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