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Do the Burpees

I was taking a very challenging body sculpt class last week and the instructor was pushing us hard. We got a point where she was going to give us “flex” time. She got us set up for a series of 3 exercises (11 burpees, 30 squats and 40 lunges) over one minute for each exercise. And we were on our own. Her comment... challenge yourself to hit these numbers AND remember you are only accountable to yourself....

UGH those words - accountable!!!

Why are we so afraid of accountability? Why do we perceive it as a punishment when really it is intended to get us results?

So here I was facing my own accountability – not wanting to do the exercises (especially the burpees), and really, I didn’t have to do them. I could have done just a couple and not the full 11. I could have modified and done a different exercise.

As I began, I reflected on why was I there? The answer - To get results. And I want those results. If I hold back I won’t get them. And it’s all up to ME. So yes, I am only accountable to myself - the wins and the loss. So, what’s it going to be?

What about you? Are you holding yourself accountable? No one else is playing your game but you. Sure, there are people watching and cheering you on - but at the end of the day YOU are only accountable to yourself

This week I challenge you to look at your own accountability. Remember why you set goals and if you really want to hit those targets. The question is not whether or not you CAN do it – the question is WILL you do it.

~ Clara

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