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Bad things happen

Truth #1- bad things happen

Trust #2 - good things will follow.

When I was young and learned how to ride a bike, bad things happened. I fell, I got scrapes and I was scared. But once I learned and faced the 'bad' I was able to ride freely. I could go to the park with my friends, launch off ramps and have a new freedom away from my parents.

Good does come out of the bad.

I have continued to learn this though life

my divorce - I learned how to better communicate and love deeper

lost clients - I have improved skills, identified my "ideal' client and grew as a coach

parent fails - to be more present, accept not being perfect, and learned the power and beauty of playtime.

Good things came from each of these lessons and I would never have had the chance to grow in these areas without the 'bad' thing that happened.

So this week, if something bad happened know it will be ok. Know you will get through it and something good will grow out of the event. Trust the process, embrace all things and know that to appreciate the good times we also have to have appreciation for the bad times.

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