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Polish the Silver

When I was a kid one of my chores was to polish the silver we would use for special events. I remember how it would shine after it was polished, but then after it was put away and sat for months, the shine would disappear, and it would become dull once again.

The same happens to us and our skillsets and talents. When we neglect them, the skills get dull and the shine fades.

“Polishing” our skills is not always fun and it is something we can easily set aside. But what good are the skills we have learned if we do not use them?

This week – use your skills. Practice them. Polish them and let them shine. Not only will your clients be happier and know they are getting the BEST from you, but you will feel more confident and powerful in your abilities too.

Don’t hide yourself and your talents away for a special occasion, use all you have daily and shine bright and brilliant.

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