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The things we say

We all talk to ourselves. But did you know the the negative self talk outweighs the positive messages we send to ourselves by over 10:1?

Why do we criticize ourselves and our actions so much? We are AMAZING!

Negative self talk is that inner-dialogue we have that limits our ability to believe in ourselves and our true abilities. Negative thoughts keep us from achieving positive outcomes in our lives. Basically - negative thoughts hinder success.

This week I want you to work on seeing the positive side of who you are and all you can accomplish. Studies show that we need to have at least one positive thought for every 5 negative ones to balance out and achieve a more positive outlook.

My suggestion - front load your day. Start your day with thoughts of positivity toward yourself :

I am limitless

I am energized

I am happy

I am bold

I am good

Begin your day knowing that YOU ARE worthy of great things and keep those thoughts going throughout your day.

We are what we believe we are - let’s start telling ourselves the truth, and more importantly let’s start believing in it.

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