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Everyday things happen around us. Some are good, and others challenging. But regardless of what is happening, our response is always our choice.  And when the bad things happen, we need to ask are we going to be a victim or are we going to be a VICTOR.... 

You see, a victim focuses on outward pressures, while a victor focuses on inward confidence. Someone with a victim mentality only sees the problems around them whereas a VICTOR focuses on the OPPORTUNITIES and GROWTH.

Here are some ways to help YOU be a Victor:

Live for the present and not the past. We can learn from the past, but we cannot live our lives there.

Get active and engaged.  When you move and connect to others energy builds.  You need energy and movement to move you forward.

Stop comparing yourself to others.  We are perfect just as we are.  Learn from others, but do not compare yourself to them.  YOU are not them.

Take ownership and responsibility.  You do have choices and when you step up and own your life, you feel more confident and clearer.

Be happy and grateful daily.  A victim focuses on what they lost, a VISTOR focuses on what they have.  And when we practice gratitude for what we have, our view of the world changes.

Show kindness to others Kindness matters.  When you show kindness, it changes your thoughts and patterns of action. A little random act of kindness can go a long way.

Embrace risk and rejection To succeed, you must be prepared to take the risks that will enable you to succeed.  Without risk, you will not be rewarded. You cannot be afraid or lack confidence in your abilities that you are no longer willing to take the steps to achieve your goals.

Victory IS a choice, and it all starts with YOU.  This week be Victorious in all you do.


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