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Change Your Perspective

So this year Duran Duran ( my favorite band) celebrate 40 years in the industry. As i heard this, my first thought was.... WOW i am old!!!!! But then i thought... yes 1 am old AND i have also experienced a lot of great things, and many GREAT bands!!!

Its all about Perspective....

I can crawl into bed at night with the thought : WOW what a day I am exhausted OR

WOW look at all I accomplished today! I am earned my sleep.

I can say... man, I blew that opportunity OR I just learned a new lesson. I am SO busy and can't get anything done OR I am grateful to be busy and look at what I WAS able to get done. Perspective is everything. I encourage you to shift your perspective this week. Try it - see what happens for you. "When you change the way you look at the world, your world will change" Dr. Wayne Dyer


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