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Greatness in the Unexpected

If you were to board a plane for an island get away you would expect to land at that destination. What if however you landed someplace different?  

At first you would be angry, confused, disappointed and sad.  But eventually you would gain acceptance and adapt to where you are 

This happens in life too.... sometimes we have a plan for the year, a set of expectation and set out to live based on the destination we expect.  But life can surprise us and send us to a new destination. (2020 comes to mind 🤔) 

When our plans get changed it is perfectly acceptable to feel angry, frustrated and sad.  But eventually we must accept the new reality and move forward and adapt. 

Greatness comes in many forms and there is no “perfect” road map. Believe you are where you need to be and learn to evolve to your new surroundings. This life may look different - but never underestimate the power of your ability to adapt and evolve.  You may just find greatness in the unexpected 


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