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Let's Do a Puzzle

Have you ever put together a puzzle? When you open the box and dump all those pieces onto your table it can seem overwhelming. You may even question – HOW am I going to make all these pieces come together?

But you eventually do. And how do you do it….

1 piece at a time.

You see, even though you know what the end result needs to look like, you can’t see it there in front of you at first. All you see are a bunch of pieces that make no sense.

You begin with just one puzzle piece and finding another that fits with it. Then you move on to another, and so forth.

The brilliance is not in making the whole picture come together, it is in taking it piece by piece and making the masterpiece become the vision.

Life is the same. You may have a picture of what you want your life to look like – but you are not there today. You may not even know how to make the image happen. All you have is that thought, that picture that dream.

It begins with that image and then all you need to do is find the right pieces that fit right now. And then you find the next right piece….

This week know the picture you are working toward AND focus not on getting that whole picture done today; focus on finding your pieces and build the picture from there.

Success is in the small steps, the individual pieces. And when you focus on bringing the small pieces together, the masterpiece will be created.


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