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Lightening Strikes

I can be difficult to focus and concentrate during a thunderstorm. The rain hitting the window, the clash of the lightening – it can all be very loud and disturbing.

The same happens when the storm we are dealing with is life and our emotions. How we are feeling and how we are thinking great effects the focus we have.

There is a lot going on right now, and for some it could seem like the storm may never pass…but it will. In the meantime, your life and business need your FULL attention. you need to direct your energy to the things that need your focus:

Your health

Your business

Your relationships

This week use your mornings to get you grounded and ready for the day. Communicate your plan and schedule with those around you so they can support you. Take time for YOU each day – even if only a few minutes. All of these will help you regain and maintain your focus.

You see the storm will end and when it does you want to be in a place where you can truly enjoy it.


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